Sammie Endicott – Dental Aide

image001Sammie is a graduate of West Brunswick High School and has worked in customer service since 2006.
She joined our practice in 2011 eager to get involved in the dental field.  She has trained with Dr. Rupp to
become a competent assistant and laboratory technician and also received her certification in
Intraoral Radiography early in her new career.

Sammie is known for her charisma, ambition and energetic personality.  She serves alongside Leslie
and assists Dr. Rupp with patient care with a charm and skill that is not generally seen in young adults.

Sammie enjoys reading, drawing/painting, writing poetry and novels, and collecting retro video games and consoles.

She is married to Michael and shares in the care of his two children.  She also makes amazing cakes and
baked goods for staff celebrations.

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