Preventative Dental Services

Building Better Relationships One Patient at a Time
We get to know our patients as individuals and care for them like family. We promote long term health through education in proper dental home-care and by providing personalized services to prevent and treat dental disease. Our dedicated staff strives to do the best we can to earn our patients’ trust and commitment to better health. We love our patients and appreciate their referrals of friends and family because they love us too.

Comprehensive & Diagnostic Examination
We highly recommend all of our patients begin their relationship with a thorough examination of their existing dental health. Dr Rupp carefully examines all aspects of each new patient’s oral condition including the health of the teeth, gums, soft tissue, tongue, throat and tempromandibular joint. He also evaluates the patent’s bite and alignment of their teeth. Dr. Rupp will prescribe only the necessary x-rays required to further diagnose the patient’s dental condition. With this information Dr. Rupp, together with the patient, formulates an appropriate Dental Health Treatment Plan based on the needs and desires of each patient. Dr. Rupp consults with the patient to discuss his/her dental needs and to better clarify their own dental condition so each patient can make an informed decision about recommended treatment.

Preventative Dental Service
Preventative treatment is performed by our licensed dental hygienists through regularly scheduled visits to help our patients maintain optimal dental health. These services include routine cleanings along with appropriate diagnostic X-rays to detect tooth decay and/or diagnose early stages of gum disease.

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